MHS Recommits to Having a Tobacco-Free Campus

Memorial Health System is recommitting to being tobacco-free. Tobacco use, of any kind, will not be permitted – inside or outside – on hospital property. This initiative includes the elimination of designated areas outside of our facilities, where employees, patients and visitors currently congregate to use tobacco products.

Memorial Health System and hospitals across the state of Kansas want to be tobacco-free. “As a health care organization, we are committed to the health and safety of our employees and patients,” MHS Chief Nursing Officer, Brenda Moffitt said. “We believe that we have a responsibility, and allowing people to use tobacco products defeats this purpose.”

Tobacco is the cause of death for 3,800 Kansans every year and is the root cause of many illnesses and lost productivity. Tobacco use in and around hospitals poses health and safety risks for patients, employees and visitors.

Memorial Health System’s decision to recommit to being tobacco-free is not an attempt to “force” anyone to quit using tobacco products. Rather, the tobacco-free initiative is a concrete way we can demonstrate our ongoing commitment to healthy living.

“We are asking for community support in our tobacco-free initiative as we move forward,” Moffitt said.

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