Diabetes Support Group to Meet March 6th

The Dickinson County Diabetes Support Group will meet on Tuesday, March 6th at 1:00 p.m. at Memorial Hospital Conference Room B. Jennifer Kirkpatrick, the new dietitian at Memorial Health System, invites everyone to attend the meeting. Kirkpatrick and her husband, Dan, live in Chapman, and they have four children. She has been a dietitian for 20 years.

March is National Nutrition Month!  This year’s theme is “GO FURTHER with FOOD”!

When you are diabetic, one way to “GO FURTHER with Food” is by reducing added sugars in your diet. Sugar is found naturally in some foods and drinks, like fruit and milk, but it is also added to many of them to give them a sweeter taste. Most Americans get too many calories from added sugars, leaving less room for more nutritious foods and drinks. This can immediately have a negative effect on your blood sugar. Over time, this may affect your weight and health in other ways too.

The Dickinson County Diabetes Support Group is open to anyone with diabetes and family members of those with diabetes. The group meets the first Tuesday of each month.

The Dickinson County Diabetes Support Group is affiliated with the American Diabetes Association, Memorial Health System, and K-State Research and Extension, Dickinson County. For more information, call Jennifer Kirkpatrick, RD, LD, Memorial Health System, 785-263-6676 or K-State Research and Extension, Dickinson County, at 785-263-2001.

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